The Y-Table is a Hardwood dining table with a Toughened Glass top. The design is centred around a wood joint intersection that appears deceptively simple. This furnishes the piece with classical proportions and subtly understated quality, thanks to the exquisite woodworking details.
The Glass table surface allows full view of the structure and the intersecting joint details. It also ensures an airy aesthetic quality  allowing the design to be appreciated in both large and small interiors.  The  interface between the table frame and the glass surface is cushioned with full grain leather pads, where foil blocking and debossing denote the maker’s mark, edition number and origin of the piece.

The slender frame is effective in its use of valuable resources. Thus creating a strong, light and elegant structure that celebrates the inherent utility and beauty of timber as a material. The design also aspires to achieve sustainability by celebrating craftsmanship of the highest quality, in the hope that such an object will be cherished across generations.

The Table disassembles into 3 timber elements, using the supplied universal joint screw driver, to facilitate transportation.  

Joint samples illustrated in Dark American Walnut and Maple.

The chairs are included to illustrate scale and are not available for sale.


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