The Rectangular Void Rug is a 100% pure wool Floor Rug.  The rug, when viewed from a particular angle, creates the illusion of a gaping void in the floor. The design was inspired by the notion that the design of a 2 dimensional rug could be informed by a 3 dimensional approach, where there was more thought embedded in the design than simply the surface pattern. The illusion of depth is achieved by careful consideration of perspective, light and texture.
Also available as a round rug.



Rectangular Void Rug Detail
Rectangular Void Rug in Hall
Rectangular Void Rug Back

Look Right Void Rug                                              |                                              Look Left Void Rug

Look Left or Look Right Diagram

The Void Runner is available as a ‘Look Right’ or a ‘Look Left’ design (see illustration above). Therefore the ‘Void Illusion’ can be achieved in spaces that the rug is viewed from either the right or left side. Select your Void Runner with your viewing position in mind.

The design is as much an attempt at illusion as it is a traditional textile design.
The rug is a simple geometric pattern except when viewed from a particular aspect it becomes a perilous void in the floor. It is an object that can be two things at once … a sort of trompe l’oeil.
It’s a postmodern concept rendered with a modernist palette.

The rugs aspire to be more than utilitarian items, exhibiting elements of the surreal or the otherworldly, the fabric of dreams rather than daily life.

The illusion only works from a single vantage point. This helps in integrating the piece in an interior context, where it’s large black block of colour and its monotone gradient add visual interest to modern interiors. The illusion is only apparent to the keenest observers – who are standing in the right place… looking in the right direction.

A circular version is suitable for larger spaces and a rectilinear version works as a runner in narrower spaces and hallways. Both rugs are produced in 100% pure wool. The geometric monotone aesthetic makes the designs relevant to a broad range of contemporary domestic interiors.


This product is hand made to order. Please allow 3-6 weeks for delivery.