The majority of the pieces offered by Delupo are custom made. The client has the opportunity to
allow their existing interior elements or personal aesthetic preferences to inform the material or
dimensional configuration of the final Deulpo piece of bespoke furniture. Delupo can discuss a clients specific requirements and are able to consult on the integration of pieces in a wider domestic context.


Delupo’s design sensibility is underpinned by simplicity, sophistication and charm. Bespoke furniture that is to last across generations requires quiet confidence to maintain relevant. Delupo focuses on creating pieces that have distinctive personality, that can be tailored to fit within a wide range of interior settings.


The material from which an object is made affects how we relate to it. Longevity is achieved through creating artefacts with integrity. Delupo seeks to source the finest materials for its designs and believes in upholding honesty in material. Where the material an object is made from is integral to the design and is never employed as a superficial aesthetic facade.


Artisan craft and modern technology work hand in hand. Delupo pieces are made by some of the world’s finest craftsmen and women. This is essential in achieving the standards necessary for the Delupo range. However, advanced technology is employed when beneficial to the design.